In order to help you, we will need to look at your PayRange account.  The most efficent method to contact PayRange is through:

  1. Sending an email through the PayRange app
  2. Using the Help button on the PayRange HelpCenter

PayRange App - Contact Us

  • Launch the app
  • Select the hamburger menu
  • Select Contact Us
  • Select your Problem Category
  • Select your Problem Sub Category
  • Generate email, and type a brief message
  • Send email
Problem Category Problem Sub Category
Purchase I was charged, but did not receive my product
I was charged twice
I was charged but the machine didn't start
I didn't get my discount or promotion
I see a charge on my transaction summary that I didn't make
Funding I accidentally loaded too much money
I need my balance refunded back to my card
I funded with the wrong currency
I had a balance, but it’s now gone
My card keeps declining or I can't register a card
I want to change or update my card on file
I don't know my PIN
My card got double charged
Login / Account I forgot my password
I can't login
I want to change my email or phone number
Machine App won't find or connect to machine
There is a problem with the machine
The machine needs to be restocked
I have a product request for vending machine
Other My issue is not listed above
I have a question about the PayRange App
I have a suggestion or comment

HelpCenter - Help Button


This button can be found on the bottom right corner of each screen in the HelpCenter.

  • Select the Help Button
  • Enter your name
  • Enter email address
  • Select Problem Category
  • Write message of how we can help you
  • Submit attachment, if needed


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